We help to create your super smile in an outstanding teatment environment

At Dens Beauty, our facilities and staffs combine to support patients to have first rate orthodontic treatment, Our bright and serene exam room is divided into separate room by glass partitions and adult, who value their privacy highly, can undergo treatment without worrying about other people looking at them.

All our doctors,dental hygienists and other staff members are well-trained orthodontic treatment professional team. Since an extremely high level of technical expertise is necessary in orthodontic treatment, all our staff members regularly attend professional meetings and seminars both in Taiwan and abroad and make efforts to master the latest and best treatment technique.

For diagnosis and treatment plan, doctors have extensive discussion based on examination data analyzed by computer and always seek to obtain the best results. This same policy is carried on for all treatments. In addition, disinfection control is perfect by using the latest devices and methods, and thorough efforts are made to control sources of infection in the clinic. If you have any other questions on our practice, please feel free to call us and we are ready to answer any questions you may have.